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FMS-CFS Friends International is a friendly cyber-community for people with chronic pain, FMS, CFS, ME and back pain. We offer support and information from other people in the same information. We still use an “old-fashion” message board. It is an active community where you can come to feel the comfort from caring people!

Are you living with chronic pain? You are not alone! Meet some nice people living with the same health problems as yourself! We have members from around the world. Visit our online support group!

Click on the link above to start exploring our online support group! Talk to people who understand! We have two main forums in the International part of the board. One is called Coping with chronic pain. That is where we talk about anything related to health problems. The other is called Smalltalk, where we talk about anything not related to our health.

The support group was created in 2001 by two women who met in Cyberspace, Linda from California and Mosken from Norway. They are living with disabling back pain, Fibromyalgia and Lyme disease. Today the board is run by a group of Norwegian, American and British moderators.

Chronic pain, back pain, Fibromyalgia (FMS) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) have been called the “invisible diseases”. A person may look perfectly healthy, but may have intense pain throughout the body and feel constantly fatigued and weak.

Research shows that chronic pain can be a disease in itself. Unlike ordinary or acute pain, which is a function of a healthy nervous system, chronic pain resembles a disease in itself, a pathology of the nervous system that produces abnormal changes in the brain and spinal cord. New technology, like functional imaging, which is generating the first portraits of brains in action, is revealing the nature of pain’s pathology.

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Far from being simply an unpleasant experience, pain turns out to be harmful to the body. Pain unleashes a cascade of negative hormones like cortisol that adversely affect the immune system and kidney function. Patients treated with morphine heal more quickly after surgery. A recent study suggests that adequate cancer-pain treatment may influence the prospects for survival: rats with tumors given morphine actually live longer than those that do not receive it.

The general lack of understanding of how persistent pain becomes magnified and ingrained, prevents many patients from receiving the level of care that they need to regain control of their lives and resume normal activities.

Join us in using internet resources to gain updated information and learn how to empower yourself with coping skills.

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Find out more about our international support group and why it was created. Also read about Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and chronic pain. The message board is updated with information links and also has continual discussion about our illnesses with people around the world. Join our conversation in the forum called Coping with chronic pain.

Awards and media recognition:

FMS CFS Friends are proud to announce that we are involved in awareness work for people living with disabilities caused by chronic pain. Read about our media recognition in Wikipedia.


Meet the two women who met in cyberspace and created a support group for people around the world living with chronic pain. watch the videos of them meeting in Norway.

Chat Forum:

We have added a discussion forum for those who want to meet together as a group and talk daily, called Smalltalk.

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