A Support Group for people living with chronic pain

Hi, I am Mosken living in Norway. I am running Friends International, a message board for people living with chronic pain who need support and information.

The group was founded by my American friend Linda and myself in 2001. We are two women living on different sides of the Earth, who met in Cyberspace and built a cyberhome for people with chronic pain. That is the foundation of the group. Today, the Friends board has grown to be much more than a friendship between two people. It is a busy online community with people from around the world supporting each other.

I have lived with chronic pain for more than 20 years. My pain problems didn’t start with pregnancies, but got worse after pregnancies. After my first pregnancy I got a sacroiliac joint dysfunction and I developed a sitting disability. I worked while lying down for many years afterwards. I could walk and run cross-country skiing, I could just not sit for more than a short time. I had chronic pain without any known reason for many years. I didn’t hear about sacroiliac joint dysfunction until long after second pregnancy.

After second pregnancy I developed disabling upper back pain, while still suffering from my sacroiliac joint problem. Some years later my back pain was so bad I couldn’t walk more than a few minutes at a time. I had to give up my work as a lawyer.

When my home was connected to the Internet, I started Friends International support group for people living with chronic pain. The group has become an activ Cyber community for people around the world. The board is a joint effort of volunteers that provides support and continual updated information about chronic pain, including Fibromyalgia and backpain.

Our most important forums

Coping with health problems: A forum for people living with chronic pain, FM, CFS, ME, and similiar immune disorders. We offer information on Chronic pain, back pain, Fibromyalgia (FMS), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS, ME) symptoms, treatment and research.

Smalltalk: A forum for distraction and entertaining. A friendly home in Cyberspace where we can have fun, learn and be supportive of each other. Though there may be no cure for us yet, we believe we are able to improve our lives. We believe in mutual motivation to improve our health, learning to know our different cultures, making new friends and learning graphics may distract us from pain and misery.

We also have several forums in Norwegian, the most important of them: Norsk forum and Sm├ąprat.

Linda and I chose the name “Friends” because we wanted to underline our vision of having a “friendly home” and haven in Cyberworld. I hope to make the Internet a better place for people, who live with illness, that need support and want to give support.

You don’t have to register to post at the board. A warm group of caring people is waiting for you to visit us today!